Quite often the WordPress Framework, Plugins & Themes require updating.
If you see a notice along the top, or a circled number on the Plugins or Updates links, WordPress is notifying you that there are updates available.

  1. First you need to backup your site and save the file onto your computer.
  2. After that the WordPress framework and plugins are usually fairly simple to update (assuming all goes well).
  3. The theme updates can be more challenging as they have the potential of overwriting all your website customization’s.

It is important to do all updates as they often include security patches.

If you do not have time to keep up on being sure these processes are done, or are concerned about not doing them correctly yourself, then sign up for my monthly maintenance package.

Once a month I will log into the WordPress admin area of your website and make a backup copy of your site. I will then check for and do any updates on your plugins, framework or theme that need to be done.

Payment schedule options (at $10 per month):

Billed $30 Quarterly:

Billed $120 Annually:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Phone (310) 455-1496

In addition, please note – Although these updates and backing-up help to keep your site safer, security is always an issue online.

If your site is currently using free backup and security plugins they should keep your site safe but there are people out there with nothing better to do than hack into sites and mess them up.

To be really sure your WordPress website is safe I recommend using a service called Sucuri which is about $90 per year. They will monitor your site and let you know if there are any threats, and can fix it if there is a problem.