WordPress has become one of the most popular formats for website design these days because it allows you to edit your own site. Wow!

There are hundreds of pre-built design templates available online that you can select from. With WordPress you can also add your own graphics & pictures to the design.

For the ‘Semi-do-it-yourself websites I offer; installation service of the WordPress framework, your choice of *themes and the creation of your first post (for your blog, if you want one) and the first page to use as a sample for your future pages for a flat fee.

Then training on how to use WordPress is charged at my hourly rate. There are also endless tutorials and help forums online.

The rest of your content would then be added by you.

Contact me today with any questions or if you prefer to have a fully custom made website use the free estimate form.

Note: *Most premium templates run somewhere between $29 and $59.
There are free options but you will need to be careful in selecting one as “you get what you pay for”.
I recommend you choose a ‘responsive’ theme.

My most highly recommended theme is Divi from Elegant Themes.