Prospective customers are naturally interested in the bottom line.
The fairest and most honest answer is;

“It depends…”

There are so many variables that contribute to the final web site such as:

1. the number of pages
2. custom graphics
3. extent of content & photos
4. interactivity such as forms
5. shopping cart with or without online sales
6. slideshows, video, and other kinds of creative additions
7. including a directory or other interactive program
8. or choosing a Semi-Do-It-Yourself website.

Since cost is always an issue, we will do our best to work with you to create the site you want and can afford now.
You can always upgrade or add to it later.

New websites are estimated using a project rate. Future updates and maintenance are charged hourly.

You will also need a domain name and hosting account. These charges vary from company to company. Please check out hosting options page for more info.

Contact Joanna for a no-obligation meeting or consultation and project assessment.

Check out our Points to Consider page and then fill out the form for a Free Estimate to receive an estimate for the site you would like to have.


If you prefer to cut down on the cost of updates and maintenance,
then try our Semi-Do-It-Yourself websites.
Click here for more information.