To help you organize your thoughts about getting your own website, consider the answers to these points;

  • Who do I want to have visit my site?
    Who do you want to reach? Does your target audience belong to a specific gender, age range, locality or educational demographic?
    Keep these questions in mind as you think about ideas you may want to include in your sites design.
  • What is the image and purpose of my web site?
    Do you want to provide a service to your customers? Sell a product? Provide information or to make an announcement? or perhaps you have another idea in mind.
  • What content shall I use in my web site, and why is it important?
    Content includes everything on your web site (text, graphics, forms…).
    You are best qualified to decide on your own content although assistance on what would be appropriate and work well is available in the free consultation and during the development process.
    Successful sites will present content in a way that engages the customer and gives them what they are looking for in a clear and appealing way. One of the best ways to pick up good ideas is by browsing other sites, especially those similar to your own business, to see what works and what doesn’t. It is helpful to save some of the website addresses that you like and even some that you don’t, to use as examples for the upcoming design process.
  • What special features do I need (or want)?
    __ Shopping cart with online ordering
    __ Products page without online ordering
    __ Blog
    __ Forms to collect data
    __ Custom graphics
    __ CMS (content management system)
    __ Slide Shows
    __ Calendar of Events
    __ Other
  • How can my new website help my current business?
    Establishing a web presence can be a huge asset to any business that provides information or sells products and services. Proper design and development of your website can enhance your company’s image and bring you a whole new client or customer base.
    __Sell Products or Services
    __Provide information online
    __Present a professional image
    __Have information available 24/7
    __Collect customer contact info for future use
    __Advertise out of your local area
    __Reach new customers
  • How do I choose a web design company?
    Be sure to ask a prospective design company for examples of websites that they’ve created. (portfolio) You should also ask about other services they provide such as web hosting, site maintenance, graphic design, print work and other available services.Another good idea in choosing a company to work with is to contact them;
    __Can you reach them easily?
    __Do they return your call or email quickly?
    __How well do you feel you are communicating with their representative?
    __Do they listen?The web design company’s quality of customer service can make this experience exciting and enjoyable (or not).Start to consider what color scheme and layout you feel will best express your vision and image. The more details you can provide the easier it will be to get what you truly want.

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